Thursday, January 31, 2013

Weekend Workouts - Feb 2nd & 3rd

Its looking like a great weekend ahead for some fun on the roads, and for the Super Bowl!  Its a bit unprecedented that we haven't been chased indoors for a weekend yet, so lets make the best of it.  Come on out and burn off all those "pops" and horrible, but oh so good things that go along with Super Bowl Sunday!  Go Niners!

Saturday Ride - Novato-Olema-Limantour-Pt Reyes 

Heading out of Novato for a little different terrain, the gentle and rolling hills allow for a good warm up and continued work on our group riding skills.  Continuing past the Nicasio Reservoir and towards Olema, we head to the hills for some climbing and descending work.  Perfect intervals, for sustained effort, then fast, but steady descents to help our athletes increase their downhill comfort levels.  Options for 1-3 repeats, then heading to Point Reyes Station for a regroup.

Bike Route - 51 to 65 Miles - Hill repeats are 7 miles each (3.5 up, 3.5 down)

Create Maps or search from 80 million at MapMyRide

Sunday Ride - Mill Valley-Paradise Loop

With Kaiser Half Marathon going on, we are taking a weekend off from organized runs, but Michael is leading a no-drop Paradise Loop ride for those wanting some extra bike work and guidance this weekend.

Great opportunity for a transition, or brick run after.   A new run store opened up this week right there as well which could be worth a visit: San Francisco Running Company

Bike Route - 20 miles

Create Maps or search from 80 million at MapMyRide

Participating in M2 Group Events

M2 Group Training members are of course welcome for all rides/runs and events.  Gold Pass members who wish to join in on weekend rides can upgrade their pass $25/month.  10-15 pass members can use a class pass to attend either.  Please email or for details.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

.5 Fe Training Day - March 16th

Perfect way to jump start your year, or see how your training is progressing.  M2 is giving you the chance to tackle the Half Iron distance in a low key, low stress way.  THIS IS NOT A RACE,  just an organized, big training day that allows for you to experiment with your race execution.  To get the most out of this day, we recommend taking extended "transitions" to refuel and be physically and mentally prepared to take on each leg.

For our first year we are excited to have Cytosport and Muscle Milk on board to help fuel you during and after the day of training!

When: Saturday-March 16th, 8:00 AM
Cost: $30.00
M2 Gold Pass or Group Members: $30.00 with $10.00 credit to next month
Where: Swim Start - Aquatic Park, San Francisco
Bike and Run Finish: M2 Revolution Cycling Studio

Register: Click here for M2 Revolution's class registration site
- Select the "M2 .5 Fe Training Day" tab
- Click "Sign Up Now"
- To finish the purchase you will have to create a profile on M2's booking portal

- Mandatory run Gear drop off and packet pickup Wednesday through Friday from 5-8pm at the Studio.  Bike numbers provided to help identify participants.  Waivers must be signed at this point.
- To electronically sign waiver you can click here 
- At packet pickup, M2 will provide a transition bag for transport of your wetsuit and morning clothes back to the studio.
We recommend riding to the start line if in the city.  If arriving from out of town, parking is available at the end of Van Ness.  Other options are to park at Marina Green or in residential areas and ride over.  Some parking areas have time limits so park at your own risk.
- Collect wetsuit and morning clothes at M2 after event.
- Full showers and facilities available after event

The Swim - 1.2 Miles, or as much as you want

Starting at Aquatic Park, you will swim two loops around the perimeter for approximately 1.2 miles depending on current and how far in from the pier you swim.

Water should be in the mid 50's, so wetsuits are strongly recommended.  No lifeguards will be present, so swim at your own risk.

Once finished, there are showers to rinse off, then head to your bike!

T1 - AP Bleachers

M2 will provide monitors to make sure your bikes are secure and collect wet suits after their use.  All gear transported to the studio for pickup later.  Cytosport/Muscle Milk will be on hand providing hydration.

Bike - Four Corners-Stinson-Bolinas Lagoon-Hwy 1

Riding North from the city, along scenic roads, the route climbs Mt. Tam through Four Corners, then Pantoll, and down Panoramic to Stinson.  Heading out along Bolinas Lagoon and a short loop, its now its time to dial in your pacing to make you sustain a good effort, nad have legs left for the run.  Rolling terrain and some sharp climbs could test your pacing abilities.  Bonus climb up Fillmore while back in the city, but suggested route is Union Street to Polk.

Detailed route sheets will be made available to those unfamiliar.

Bike Route

The M2 Studio will provide a secure location for your beloved bike, as well as a nice place to change into some dry/clean clothes for your run.  Take your time and fuel up.  This is not a race, just a training day.  Again, we will have plenty of fueling options provided by Cytosport in the studio!

Run - Aquatic Park-Marina Green-Lyon Street-Presidio-Hoppers Hands

Short cruise down Polk, back to Aquatic Park.  The route takes you along the waterfront along Marina Green and up Lyon Street Stairs.  Fun trail run through the Presidio and down to Crissy Field.  Running out to Hopper's Hands, then return along waterfront, back to Aquatic Park and then up Polk to M2. 

There are many places to stop and get water, but we recommend carrying something as this is a long training day, and you will need both the hydration and calories.

Run Route

Finish back at the studio, get cleaned up and enjoy some NCAA basketball action with Championship Weekend going on.  Light food and drinks provided.  Definitely time to try out some Muscle Milk to speed your recovery and provide your body with some essential nutrition after a long day!

Wetsuit/Morning Clothes Bag Recommendations
- Bring an extra water-proof bag to keep clothes dry
- Do not leave valuables in this bag!  M2 is not responsible for lost/stolen items.  No car keys, phones, wallets, etc. please.
- Be reasonable with size.  If its too big/heavy, it risks being left at Aquatic Park.  You must fit everything in the bag.  No tying it onto a larger backpack. 

Gear Drop Recommendations
- Running Shoes
- Hydration belt
- Shorts, shirt, socks and hat/visor to run in
- Dry clothes to change into after event

Monday, January 28, 2013

2013 Bay Area Calendar of Events

Will update as we find more races and develop more events.  Races spotlighted are for the Bay Area, or M2 Athletes have registered.  All are welcome to join in on M2 Monthly Events, additional fees may apply.  Dates are subject to change.


Major Races
2/3 - Kaiser Half Marathon
2/24 -San Bruno Mtn. Half Marathon (Trail)

M2 Events
3/16 - M2 .5 Fe Day: Tackle the Half Iron distance at your own pace and see how your race planning is working before actually racing.  Semi supported route, with secure "transition" locations to take the ease off your day.  More details coming in the next few weeks.
Major Races
3/2 - Woodside King's Mountain Half Marathon and 5 Mile
3/3 - Escape from Alcatraz
3/9 - Romancing the Island 12k & 25k
3/16 - IM Cabo San Lucas
3/17 - Emerald Across The Bay 12k
3/23 - Napa Valley Trail Marathon & 10k
3/30 - Oceanside 70.3

M2 Events
4/27 - Double/Triple Diablo Day: Starting from Walnut Creek, take on Mt Diablo once, twice or three times with the M2 Group
Major Races/Events
4/5-4/7 - GGTC and SF Tri Club Wildflower Training Weekends
4/6 - Golden Gate Headlands Marathon, Half Marathon & 10k
4/7 - SF Rock n Roll Half Marathon (Formerly the "Other" US Half Marathon)
4/7 - Santa Cruz Half Marathon
4/7 - Texas 70.3 - Galveston
4/13 - Muir Woods Trail Marathon, Half Marathon & 7 Mile
4/13&14 - HITS Triathlon Series - Napa
4/14 - Ironman South Africa
4/15 - Boston Marathon
4/18-21 - Seat Otter Classic
4/20 - Silicon Valley Long Course and Sprint (Morgan Hill)
4/21 - Silicon Valley International (Morgan Hill)
4/21 - New Orleans 70.3
4/21 - Napa Valley Silverado Half Marathon & 5k 

M2 Events
5/11 - Geysers Ride
5/18 - Tour of California Mt. Diablo: No transport for this one, but surely a large contingent will ride.
5/19 - Tour of California SF to Santa Rosa: Waiting on route details, but M2 will arrange transport home from Santa Rosa.  Last year saw over near 200 cyclists take on the SF to Santa Cruz route with M2.

Major Races
5/4 - St. George 70.3
5/4 - Napa Valley Vintage Half Iron Triathlon
5/5 - Napa Valley Sprint Triathlon
5/5 - Divas Half Marathon and 5k
5/4&5 - Wildflower
5/9 - Bike to Work Day
5/11 - Wild Boar Half Marathon & 5k
5/18 - Ironman Texas
5/19 - Morgan Hill Sprint Triathlon
5/19 - Alcatraz Sharkfest Swim
5/26&27 Alcatraz Challenge

M2 Events
6/20 to 6/23 - Lake Tahoe Training Camp: All aspects taken care of by M2 and partners, all you need to do is get to Tahoe in one piece, and we will do our best to keep it that way with a full extended weekend of training and events.
Major Races
6/1 - Hawaii 70.3
6/2 - Vineman Monte Rio
6/2 - Alcatraz "Escape from the Rock" Duathlon
6/8 - Boise 70.3 
6/8 - Lake Tahoe Relay (Run)
6/9 - Folsom Sprint and Olympic Triathlons
6/9 - Golden Gate Triathlon
6/15 - Crissy Field 6 & 12 Hour
6/16 - Reservoir Triathlon - Olympic and Sprint (Morgan Hill)
6/21 - Lake Stevens 70.3
6/23 - Ironman Coeur d'Alene
6/29 - California Sprint Triathlon (Pleasanton)
6/30 - California International Triathlon (Pleasanton)

Major Races

7/13 - Vineman 70.3
7/14 - Jungle Run Half Marathon and 10k
7/20 - Trans Tahoe Relay (Swim)
7/27 - Vineman 
7/27 - Barbs Race
7/28 - Ironman Lake Placid

M2 Events
8/3 - Shasta Century
Major Races
8/4 - The Giant Race
8/4 - Boulder 70.3
8/11 - Folsom Long Course Triathlon
8/18 - IM Mont Tremblant
8/25 - IM Canada
8/25 - IM Louisville

M2 Events
9/7 and 9/8 - Go big training weekend
Major Races
9/7 - Big Kahuna
9/8 - 70.3 World Championship
9/14 - Headlands 25, 50, 75 and 100 Miles
9/13-15 Triathlons at Pacific Grove
9/22 - Santa Cruz Triathlon
9/22 - Ironman Lake Tahoe
9/28 - Big Sur Trail Marathon & 5 Mile

Major Races
10/6 - Bridge to Bridge
10/4-6 - Scott Tinely's Adventures
10/12 - Skyline to Sea Marathon and 50k
10/12 - Ironman World Championship
10/13 - Tri Girl Tri - All Women's Sprint Triathlon
10/26 - Napa Wine Country Marathon, Half Marathon & 10k
10/26 - Stinson Beach 12k, 25k, 37k and 50k

Major Races
11/2 - Stinson Beach Marathon, Half Marathon and 7 Mile

Major Races
12/14 - Hark the Harold Angels 12k & 25k
12/14 - Rodeo Beach 8k, 20k, 30k and 50k
12/29 - Woodside 10k, 17k, 35k & 50k

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Weekend Workouts - January 26th & 27th

Last weeks ride down south on the coast was a good one for the group.  Sun and witnessing the massive surf coming in for Mavericks, capped off another great session, improving our fitness and riding skills.  

Saturday Ride

This weekend, we'll head North on Hwy 1 to add some varied terrain through Olema, and a good benchmark climb out of Muir Beach.  Pacing, as always, is important so that you have the strength to take on the final climb with authority, instead of "surviving" the climb.

This route is 55 miles from Mill Valley, and 75 miles from the city for those looking for some extra work.  The rolling terrain of Highway 1 allows for more group work, along with building your overall bike skills with gearing and pacing.  

Sunday Run

Taking on some more trails in Marin, the group will tackle the other side of Mt Tam by running our favorite Bon Tempe Lake loop.  With routes from 8-11 miles, this is a great day to jump in on a very scenic area.  The The gentle climb out of the town of Ross is perfect for a warmup, then the rolling  and well maintained terrain provides a great environment to work on your endurance.

Our friends at Gu Energy have provided a good supply of water bottles.  All in attendance at our run on Sunday will receive one!  Thanks Gu!

Participating in M2 Group Events

M2 Group Training members are of course welcome for all rides/runs and events.  Gold Pass members who wish to join in on weekend rides can upgrade their pass $25/month.  10-15 pass members can use a class pass to attend either.  Please email for ride and run for further details.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Weekend Workouts - January 19th and 20th

Big fun in the cold last week.  Temperatures rising for us this coming weekend so its time for some adventures along the coast and up on Mount Tam!

Saturday Ride - 9:30 am

Down south this weekend for some more paceline work along Half Moon Bay to Pescadero.  Great chance to catch a view of the 20 foot swell coming in for Mavericks Sunday.  Last week we had some great continuous paceline action from our group and we look to build on that, as well as build miles and confidence.  Directions can be found here, but we will start at the first dirt parking lot on your right after driving south from Devil's Slide on Hwy 1.

Montara - Pescadero: 51 Miles

Simple, but varied and beautiful route along the coast and the foothills.

Map displays Kilometers

Create Maps or search from 80 million at MapMyRide
Montara - Pescadero - La Honda: 64 miles

Create Maps or search from 80 million at MapMyRide

Sunday Run - 9:30 am

An M2 group favorite, we will do a tour of Mount Tam's south slope starting from Mt. Home Inn.  You can park in a dirt lot about 50 yards past Mt Home Inn on the right.  The driveway is the firehouse entrance as well, hard to miss. 

Running the Matt Davis Trail to Pantoll, the group will return along a higher route on Stagecoach, through West Point.  For those wanting some additional miles, you can continue towards the coast on Matt Davis for a good out and back to the intersection of Coastal Trail.

- From the parking lot, starting uphill past the firehouse and taking a left on Matt Davis - .75 miles
- At about mile 2.5 you enter the Bootjack picnic area, continue through it, and pick up trail on the other side of the parking lot that continues to Pantoll Ranger Station.
- You get to Pantoll Ranger Station at mile 3, you can continue straight across the road (Pantoll Road) on Matt  Davis
- Extend this out and back as much as you want, but we like to run to the Coastal Trail intersection at Mile 4.6 and return to Pantoll.
- Cross back over Pantoll Road and go straight onto Stage Coach Road (fire road) at Mile 6
- You will climb up to West Point at Mile 8
- Returning to Mt Home in, run downhill on Old Railroad Grade
- You pick up Gravity Car Road at Mile 10 and continue downhill to the dirt parking lot

Participating in M2 Group Rides
M2 Group Training members are of course welcome for all rides/runs and events.  Gold Pass members who wish to join in on weekend rides can upgrade their pass $25/month.  10-15 pass members can use a class pass for a ride. 

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Weekend Workouts!

Looks like another dry weekend ahead so plan on some fun up in Marin for a good ride and some fun in Golden Gate Park for our run.  Definitely a day for layers for the ride as it will be chilly to start, and get to 50 for the high.

Saturday Ride - McInnis Park, San Rafael - 9:00 am

Starting from McInnis Park (directions here)Looking forward to another early season fitness-building January ride.  M2 will be doing the shorter route on account of baseball tryouts at noon.

General effort for all riders is steady-moderate.  Hills can see a bit of an edge - pace-line pulls see an obvious edge to the effort, but not crazy disproportionate.  All riders should look to return through Nicasio-Lucas Valley Road at the same pace/watts as when they set out - proper pacing.

We have a lot of newer riders who we want to get up to speed with proper group riding dynamics, the purpose of which is safety and a generally enhanced ride experience.  Hence, a quick review of some ride notes that are outlined in Pacelining/Group Riding 101 sheet sent earlier and linked here.

*  When the group resumes pedaling after a stop sign, traffic light, pit stop, etc., PAY attention and quickly fall into line or else you will lose the group.  We want our rides to flow - very simple.

*  If it is your turn at the front of the pace-line, ride steady without suddenly stomping on the pedals, slamming away on hills, or conversely coasting on gentle downhills.  

*  When you are done with your pull, check for traffic, pedal to the side and then ease up, as opposed to suddenly stopping pedaling and only then pulling off to the side which causes everyone behind you to suddenly brake.  

*  Attention to these pointers and the Pace-lining 101 bullets (please review) will make it much easier to integrate into a ride group.  Riders who are not so strong can find themselves riding and learning alongside stronger cyclists by becoming comfortable with sitting in a group.

Where we are early into the season project, my group will do brief re-groups in Nicasio and Pt. Reyes Station. 

Skills Clinics
Brett and I will be doing another couple of clinics in coming weeks where we have a smaller group and practice many of the things described in the Pace-lining article.  Highly recommended for newer riders and those who are graduating from tri-club rides.

Participating in M2 Group Rides
M2 Group Training members are of course welcome for all rides/runs and events.  Gold Pass members who wish to join in on weekend rides can upgrade their pass $25/month.  10-15 pass members can use a class pass for a ride.  This weekend everyone is invited.

McInnis Park - Hwy 1 - Marshall - Cheese Factory: 63 Miles - 4 Hours
(Maps are generated with Kilometers)

Create Maps or search from 80 million at MapMyRide

McInnis - Olema - Point Reyes - Nicasio: 46 Miles - 3 hours
(Maps are generated with Kilometers)

Create Maps or search from 80 million at MapMyRide

Sunday Run - Golden Gate Park, Buffalo Paddock - 9:30

Heading towards the beach along JFK, we'll be going counter clockwise around the park using mostly trails.  We will have 2 workouts going again today.  The main workout will be a tour of Golden Gate Park with the map below.  Ending at the Polo fields at 6.5 miles, we will do some threshold work, running 2-4 loops on the dirt.  Each lap is 3/4 of a mile.

For those wanting to set a good benchmark this weekend, our own Mike Vulanich is heading up a group to set a 5k TT mark.  They will join the main group for a 2 mile warmup, then head to the Polo Fields for their Time Trial and cool-down.

Create Maps or search from 80 million at MapMyRun

Friday, January 4, 2013

2013 Group Training Kickoff Weekend

The Bay Area cycling and triathlete community is buzzing this year with an incredible lineup of events to tackle.  New this year is Ironman Lake Tahoe, and this year we get three days of the Tour of California right in our back yard!

Starting off this year we have our first full weekend of events for the M2 Group Training programs.  This first weekend is open to everyone to come check out, so if you are interested in joining, please send over an email or comment.

Saturday Ride - Mill Valley-Bolinas Loop
Our first ride is a good one to help familiarize everyone with the group, and more importantly, group riding.  Rolling out of Mill Valley, the group will meet behind Walgreens at Tam Junction.  We are checking on the parking situation, but there are rumors of towing going on, so park on the street.  Feel free to get an extra 10 miles in by riding from the city (45 minutes from Sports Basement).  Riding from Mill Valley is approximately 41 miles.

Roll time will be 9:15 am and follow the map below.  One change will be riding North on Miller Avenue and through the neighborhoods to Four Corners, descending to Muir Woods, then hooking up with Highway 1 through Stinson and to the small lollipop in Bolinas.  Return route is a straight shot back to Mill Valley on Highway 1 with a big effort on the climb out of Muir Woods.  This climb is a great fitness marker, and easily track-able.  The first half of the ride will be mellow, with regrouping, then as time progresses, different pace groups will emerge.

The #1 thing this weekend is to stay safe and remember the major group riding rules you can review here.

Sunday Run - Tennessee Valley
The first will take place in beautiful Tennessee Valley on Sunday at 9am, plenty of time to get back for NFL Wildcard Football.  There is an open parking lot for us, directions can be found here: .  From the city, you take 101 North, to the Mill Valley/Hwy 1 Exit.  Turn Left on Tennessee Valley Road and the lot is 100 yards up on your right.

Tennesse Valley Road allows for a good warm-up before hitting the trails.  Map below, but detailed turns are:

0 mi-Head south on Tennessee Valley Rd toward Marin Ave
2.37 mi -Head southwest
2.43 mi -Slight right
2.62 mi -Head west toward Wolf Ridge Trail
2.76 mi -Slight right onto Coastal Trail
2.96 mi -Head west on Coastal Trail
3.43 mi -Turn right
3.73 mi -Head northeast toward Fox Tr
4.19 mi -Head northwest toward Coyote Ridge Tr
4.22 mi -Turn right onto Coyote Ridge Tr
4.38 mi -Turn right onto Coyote Ridge
4.85 mi -Head east on Coyote Ridge toward Miwok Trail
5.28 mi -Turn right onto Miwok Trail Destination will be on the left
5.32 mi -Head northeast on Miwok Trail
5.58 mi -Slight right to stay on Miwok Trail
5.65 mi -Head south on Miwok Trail toward Tennessee Valley Rd
5.88 mi -Head southeast on Miwok Trail toward Tennessee Valley Rd
6.46 mi -Head east on Miwok Trail toward Tennessee Valley Rd
6.55 mi -Sharp left onto Tennessee Valley Rd
8.06 mi -Destination

Important lessons to know about trail running

Create Maps or search from 80 million at MapMyRun