Wednesday, February 15, 2012

CycleOps 400 Pro - Guest Post - Stefan Irion

With classes filling up, and the season cranking up, an impressive addition to the studio has been the 400PT bikes in the front of the class.  These are a little different as they have an electronic tension mechanism, instead of the knob tension to get resistance.  It takes a little instruction to use it effectively so we asked Stefan to break down some basics for everyone.  

Here is Stefan's first impressions of the 400PT from his own posts on IrionMan.

Having fun on the Cyclops 400PRO

I was riding the new M2 toy 400PRO in this mornings class  at M2 and I thought I share my thoughts, well knowing that this was the last time I rode the thing (because you will all jump on it now). 
While it appears to be similar to the 300 in physical appearance, the resistance dial is a mere dummy and you control the wattage using the little joystick on the right of the Joule head unit that you never used before. Pressing it down cycles between 'gear', 'target grade' and 'target power', while nudging it up or down moves the set value up or down (you guessed that). M2's recommended warm-up is on 'gear', where a higher number indicates an easier gear. I would find a sweet spot and then go up 2 (easier) for the cadence and down 2 (harder) for the stand. 
Moving into the main set of intervals it's pretty simple. Put it to 'target watts' and dial in the watts you estimate you can hold. Note that the unit will make you overachieve this target by about 10-15 watts on your average (ie you set it to X watts and you end up averaging X+15watts). A clever trick is to keep the 'gear' in a high gear so that when you come off a hard effort you can push down on the toggle switch and it becomes easy to pedal/rest. This works great, but there is a slight delay in ramping up and down and it's a bit tricky for very short intervals (ie 20s). Also the watts you are actually pushing fluctuate quite a bit (set point X, will make you push X +/- 20 watts), you can either like this as a rode-like feeling, or hate it. Your choice. I like it.
Overall fun experience, give it a try

There are currently four 400 Pro's in the studio, so feel free to try them out. 

Monday, February 13, 2012

M2 Programs and Services

The past few years have brought great things to our special studio.  From upgrades, new faces, and new services, M2 hopes to bring a quality, full service experience to all our members.

Cycling Classes

Cycling power is measured in watts. You might think of lifting weights as an analogy, where you can lift X amount of weight for Y repetitions. It is pretty simple to figure out how many times you can bench-press 50 pounds, and one does not need to spend time and money go to a lab or monitor heart rate to do so – it would be pretty silly actually.

Using our analogy, with a power-meter, a rider of any ability can quickly discern how many watts he/she can generate for a particular duration, be it 5 seconds, 3 minutes, 10 minutes, 60 minutes, or several hours. 

At M2 Revolution, our indoor cycles accurately measure power output so that riders of every ability can understand their fitness and enjoy seeing it measurably improve on a weekly basis, both in class and out on the roads.

Alter-G Treadmill

One of the great advancements in rehabilitation and continued training over the past few years is brought to the studio for members to take full advantage of. 
Why spend extra money anywhere else to aid in your recovery from surgery, or that marathon by going anywhere else when you can keep your legs moving on top of a bubble of air.  That is exactly what the Alter-G can do for you and it is brought to our Gold Pass members free (Drop-In fee $30.00).  

Appointments are strongly recommended as demand for this piece of equipment is high.

High Speed Treadmill

Great for a quick brick/transition run, or dialed in speed work, the Noramco high speed treadmill is a fantastic piece of equipment.  Built to military specs, and to take a beating, M2's treadmill can attain 16 MPH and is sturdy enough to sustain the most brutal punishment. 

Here's a good video from Noramco to show this.  Utilizing the treadmill for sprint/speed workouts, you can jump on and off the treadmill to accomplish your intervals.

Please do not attempt over 12 MPH without a spotter or supervision.  These are dangerous speeds and should not be attempted for the first time alone. 


This is just another great tool to utilize along with M2's cycling classes.  M2 can provide stand alone workouts for the Computrainer system to help anyone achieve their improvement goals.  

Another great benefit of the Computrainer is the Spinscan function that helps to analyze pedal stroke for efficiency and left/right balance.

Bike Mechanic Services
With a dedicated and experienced mechanic Mike Cole on site, why waste time going across town to drop off, then pick up your bike for the weekend.  Mike can provide nearly any service, from minor tuning, to full overhauls at competitive prices.  Many services can be performed while you are in class, alleviating wasteful the back and forth from the bike shop.

Some impressive credentials Mike has accumulated over the years:
  • DT Swiss wheelbuilding clinic
  • Cannondale/Headshock intensive clinic
  • Avid Hydraulic brake setup/bleed intensive private clinic
  • Hayes brakes clinic, bleeding intensive
  • Fox shox rebuild clinic
  • Suspension design clinic with Ibis
  • Understanding Vpp and DW link clinic with Mike Stewart (top 20 Pro BMX racer) from Giant
  • Shimano disc brake technology 
  • Numerous clinics with shimano reps, covering all product lines

Vasa Trainers

For the time strapped athlete, Vasa Trainers and Ergometers are a great tool to aid in improving swim times.  While they do not replace proper swim training, the Vasa equipment can supplement a good swim regimen and easily add swim workout time, without the additional investment to get to a pool.

As with anything, using the equipment properly is required to attain the results, so please inquire with M2 on proper uses and workouts.

Free Weights and Fitness Equipment

From Dumbells to Bosu Balls, M2 has a wide variety of weights and equipment that lets athlete achieve a total body workout while at the studio.  One of the biggest problems athletes face is strengthening their other, non-primary muscles.  All the equipment is on hand the aid in helping athletes put in that extra 10-20 minutes pre or post workout to maintain a strong and stable core, or rehab and ongoing injury.

Jen Rubenstein - CMT, Full Body Certified ART® Therapist
An integrative practice of clinical, sport and deep tissue massage, Active Release Techniques and Cranial Sacral Therapy. Sessions are tailored to the unique needs of the individual with the aim of releasing pain and discomfort as well as addressing the underlying dysfunctions of long held patterns of tension and overuse.

Cycle, Run, Alter G, Functional Strength, and now recover with bodywork at M2. Jen offers online appointment scheduling,
Personal Training by appointment with Caroline Jordan Fitness
Caroline earned her B.A. in Dance from the University of California, Davis and is certified by the American Council on Exercise, Aerobic and Fitness Association of America, Schwinn Cycling, MadDogg Spinning, Balletone, and several other cycling and aerobic modalities. She has been recognized as the "Group Fitness Instructor of the Year" by UC Davis and has been a featured fitness professional in Shape, SF Weekly, and IDEA magazine. 
More information and contact here:
Open Rehab or Training Appointments
The studio is available, with permission for outside trainers and physical therapists to utilize with current members.  Please inquire with M2 ahead of time and any arrangements can be made.
Group Endurance Training 
Weekend cycling and running excursion throughout the year with athletes training for various endurance challenges.  From triathlons, to ultra trail races, our group sessions welcome all ranges of athletes who love the outdoors and a challenge.  
Last year's group centered around the 20th Anniversary of one of M2's Ironman Canada win's.  
Special Events 
Throughout the year M2 will share great experiences for current local events coming to town, as well as annual M2 challenges.  Past events have centered around Amgen Tour of California, the Shasta Century, and M2's "Epic" run.  Stay tuned to learn more as the year progresses.
Social Media 
Staying ahead of the curve and helping to connect our members and make the most of workouts, advice, or just humor.  M2 Revolution participates on the following platforms so check them out and give them a follow!

Twitter: @M2Revolution
Google Plus: Little disappointed that Google+ doesn't give us a better address.